5 PhD and 4 Postdoc positions in Geometric Computing at NKUA and NTUA in Athens and FORTH in Crete

5 PhD and 4 Postdoc positions in Geometric Computing are opened within the new project GeomComp (http://erga.di.uoa.gr/projects/main.html#thales).

This is a 4-year project, involving 3 research groups in the following institutions:

- National Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), Department of Informatics and Telecommunications,

- National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering,

- Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH), Crete,

GeomComp is part of the Thales program of the Greek Ministry of Education, funded by EU and Greek funds. The groups above are involved in competitive and exciting EU projects and maintain a high international visibility; the corresponding institutions provide a very competitive research environment. The aim of GeomComp is to employ a modern, multi-disciplinary approach, at the intersection of Computer Science, Engineering, and Computational Mathematics. We expect to deliver top-level algorithmic results for representative and important problems in Geometric Computing, along with robust implementations (often integrated in the CGAL library), leading to the practical solution of specific, critical applications. In particular, research will involve:

- Computational Geometry and generalizations: convex geometry with extensions to higher dimensions and nonlinear objects, visibility with linear obstacles with extensions to nonlinear obstacles, Voronoi diagrams in 2D with extensions to 3D and curved objects, nearest-neighbor queries with extensions to data-mining, approximate geometric optimization with extensions to massive data.

- Non-linear Computational Geometry and Geometric Design, including the development of the required mathematical tools.

- Critical applications in structural bioinformatics, molecular modeling, and industrial design, such as VLSI and ship design.

These are full-time positions and funding is guaranteed initially for two years (PhD) or one year (Postdoc). Funding is extendable for at least 1 more year based on satisfactory academic progress. The preferred starting date is October 1, 2012, however it is negotiable with each institute.


The applicants should have (or be bound to have by the starting date) a MSc degree in computer science, mathematics, or related discipline. Applicants with a strong background in computational geometry and/or geometric design will be preferred. Candidates must be comfortable with writing and speaking in English.


Applicants should send an email to Euripides Markou (emarkou@ucg.gr) including:
Full CV, including Contact details of at least 2 references.
PhD candidates: A cover letter to specify their preferred area(s) of research. There is possibility that a PhD student is co-advised by 2 faculty members from different institutes.
Postdoc candidates: A statement of their research interests (1-2 pages).

There is no deadline for applying, but the applications will be processed as they come. For further inquiries please email: emarkou@ucg.gr.

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