>> History

Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade, officially exists as independent science and education institution since 1995.

"Velika škola" was founded in 1808. in Belgrade when Serbs were engaged in liberation wars and uprisings so as to create a nation state.

After the Turks had burned down the magnificent Library of the School in Belgrade (1813), a retreat to Kragujevac ensued.

"Velika škola” was reopened under the new name of "Licej" in 1838. in Kragujevac, which was the capital of the liberated part of Serbia. This year is taken to be the founding year of Belgrade University.

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>> Dean's welcome

Dear visitors,

Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Mathematics!

It is my honor and pleasure to share the pride of all of us who are part of the Faculty of Mathematics. This website offers a view into the programs of this institution, which has a long tradition within the University of Belgrade.

Up to present day, we have more than 6000 graduate mathematicians, 400 doctors of mathematics and computer sciences, 700 Magisters of Science and many specialists. Numerous graduates occupy various positions in research institutions, government offices, companies and schools in the country and abroad. It is a quality indicator of the studies at the Faculty of Mathematics. Our dedication to research and personal commitment to students and teaching make us stand out.

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