Seminar for Applied Mathematics

Seminar for Applied Mathematics started working in 1975. Since then regular meetings are being held in the Mathematical Institute of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. At the beginning of the Seminar one of the main goals of the organizers was to promote the linking of mathematics and other sciences by establishing, encouraging and promoting cooperation between researchers and scientists from various fields in order to solve current practical problems. It was also the linking of researchers from academic institutions with those who work in the economy. At the meetings of the Seminar some new theoretical results of local research were presented and real-life problems that require mathematical knowledge and methods, and are not permeable us the opportunity to visiting colleagues from countries where mathematics is applied to a longer and richer tradition display their current achievements. During the decades of the Seminar various topics were covered, including numerical analysis with its applications, mathematical programming, calculus of variations, theory, system, astronomy, geophysics, the theory of fuzzy sets and logic, neural networks, and computing.

Seminar for Applied Mathematics holds meetings once a week, usually on Tuesdays from 14h, from October to May or June, at the Mathematical Institute, Knez Mihailova Street since 1995. The meetings of a seminar jointly organized the Seminar of the Institute for Information Systems the Faculty of organizational science, and later on, and the IEEE Computer Chapter of Serbia.