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University of Belgrade - Faculty of Mathematics (UB-MatF, is a leading institution of higher education and research in mathematics and related fields. It was founded in 1873, however higher education in mathematics exists already for about two hundred years in Serbia. UB-MatF includes around 150 professors and teaching assistants with about 2500 active students. UB-MatF organizes and coordinates didactic and research activities in mathematics, computer science and astronomy. It has three main study programs on all levels (bachelor, master and PhD): Mathematics, Informatics and Astronomy&Astrophysics, which are regulated in accordance with Bologna principles. In addition, UB-MatF promotes multidisciplinary joint studies in collaboration with other institutions, e.g. Industry 4.0 which is implemented together with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

UB-MatF provides research facilities and support to host early stage researchers and postdocs, as well as to provide best possible study and research environment to its students (e.g, with the latest computer stations, its digital library eLibrary, etc.). UB-MatF has a dozen of fully equipped computer labs, and it aims to develop a leading computational center with state-of-art facilities, e.g. its Department of astronomy has purchased in 2020 a powerful und upgradable computer cluster of ~80 nodes (80 CPUs, 128GB RAM, 2x256GB SSD (OS), 2x1.2TB HDD (STORAGE), 3 DP GFLOPs), however its older machines are still in use with full capacities, as e.g. “Jason” (AMD Opteron 6168, 2GHz, 4 CPUs (12cores), 96GB RAM, 2x1TB).

The quality of research and studies in Mathematics at University of Belgrade (UB) are internationally acknowledged, according the well-known world university ranking lists. From 2013, UB is among 500 universities on the prestigious Shanghai ranking list (ARWU) in the subject of Mathematics. The best result on ARWU ranking list was achieved 2013, when we were ranked in the top 150 universities in the subject of Mathematics. Since 2011, UB is in the top 200 universities on international ranking list prepared by National Taiwan University (NTU), which is focused on the quality of research activities and results. The best result on NTU ranking list was achieved 2014, when we were ranked in the top 85 universities in the subject of Mathematics.

UB-MatF fully supports research activities through nationally and internationally funded projects. It hosted 24 national projects (2011-2019), supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. UB-MatF was (or still is) a partner in numerous international research projects, many of them funded by European Commission, i.e. Tempus and Erasmus Mundus projects directed to upgrading of teaching and studying programs on both undergraduate and graduate studies: “Science Teacher Education Revision and Upgrading” (TEMPUS CD-JEP-40053-2005, 2006-2009), “Teacher Education - Innovation of Studies in Mathematics and IT” (TEMPUS JEP-41110, 2007-2009), “Network education at Faculties of Science in Serbia” (SM_SCM-C024B06-2006, 2007-2008), “SEE Doctoral Studies in Mathematical Sciences” (144703-TEMPUS-1-2008-1-BATEMPUS-JPCR, 2009-2011), Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Programme in Astrophysics – “Astromundus” (EMMC FPA 2010-0135, 2011- 2020), FP7 project “Central and South-Еast Еuropеаn Resources – CESAR” (project no. 271022, 2011-2013). Within ERASMUS+ KA2, UB-MatF participated in two projects (2018-2018): “Strengthening Teaching Competences in Higher Education in Natural and Mathematical Sciences – TeCOMP”, and “Advanced Data Analytics in Business – ADA”. Within H2020 framework, UB-MatF participated in projects within Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action: “Fall in Love with Science Tonight- FLIRT” (project no. 633398, 2014-2015), and in one Initial Training Networks (ITN), STARDUST-Reloaded (project no. 813644, 2019-2022).

UB-MatF has rich experience in projects from different COST actions: “Polarization as a tool to study the Solar System and beyond” (MP1104, 2011-2015), “Rich-Model Toolkit - An Infrastructure for Reliable Computer Systems” (IC0901, 2009 -2013), “The European research network on types for programming and verification - EUTypes” (CA1512, from 2016 till present), “Chemical Elements as Tracers of the Evolution of the Cosmos” (CA16117, 2017 till present), “Revealing the Milky Way with Gaia” (CA18104). International cooperation is also developed through numerous bilateral projects: “Decision Procedures: from Formalizations to Applications” (SCOPES program, 2010-2013, with University in Lousanne), "Modeling of the genetic code and applications" (2009-2010, with Centre National de la Rechearche Scientifique, France), „Formalization and automatization of geometry“ (Foundation “Pavle Savić”, 2011-2013), bilateral project with Mathematical Institute Sobolev, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk (from 2016 till present), two bilateral projects with Astronomical Observatory in Rožen, Bulgaria (2016-2022), „Time-domain astrophysics and active galactic nuclei structure “ (DAAD, 2019-2020, with University of Goettingen), etc. Exchange of students and teachers is performed through several ERASMUS+ KA1 projects with University Heidelberg, University Giessen, University Roma Tre, University in Coimbra, University in Ljubljana, University of Primorska, University of Padova, University of Ioannina, University of Macedonia, UNIWA Athens, etc).

As the number of mobilities and applications for local and international projects is constantly increasing, UB-MatF is in the process of establishing its administrative research project office, which will provide support for all legal and financial issues to hosted projects.