Семинар за рачунарство и примењену математику, 19. новембар 2019.

Наредни састанак Семинара биће одржан у уторак, 19. новембра 2019. у сали 301ф Математичког института САНУ са почетком у 14:15.

Предавачи: Алекса Радосавчевић, Бранко Арсић, Марко Стојановић, Лазар Крстић (Природно-математички факултет, Универзитет у Крагујевцу), Александар Глишовић (ComTrade Digital Services)


Апстракт: On September 7th, IBM and Institute for Contemporary Sciences organized a datathon - data science competition for start-ups, professionals, academics and students. The competition was held in ICT Hub in Belgrade, where thirteen teams participated and met dataset and task requirements for the first time. The main goal was to develop a system for determining financial stability and capacity to sell distributed goods, for clients of large logistic company - Nelt. Proposed solution should automate Nelt's decision-making process regarding optimal credit line level which should be offered to each client. As the largest distribution and logistics company in the region, Nelt has a portfolio of a very diverse customer base, which differ in size, needs, procedures, geographies and policies. Sometimes clients unintentionally end up with more products than they could manage, or with liquidity issues and debt problems, all adding up to potential losses for Nelt. In order to help Nelt to maintain stable and long term relations with all of them, proposed solution should establish equilibrium between different needs of internal and external stakeholders: finance department with the goal to maintain company's financial stability, sales department to sell more goods and co-operant resellers to receive optimal amount of goods. The winner of the grand prize was Deep Vortex team from Kragujevac. This time they will present their solution in more detail manner and present all the challenges they were faced with during the competition, bearing in mind they just had 24 hours to design, test and present methodology of proposed solution.

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