Two post-doc positions in Algorithms at University of Waterloo

Two postdoctoral positions are available in the Algorithms group at the University of Waterloo. The successful applicants will work with Prof. Ian Munro and Prof. Alex Lopez-Ortiz, as part of the ongoing projects in Optimal data structures for organization and retrieval of spatial data structures and Design of space efficient data structures.

The PDF fellows are expected to participate in the projects as well as to sustain their own research program. A strong background in algorithms, particularly as it relates to one or more of the following areas is a must: succinct data structures, online algorithms, computational geometry, spatial data structures, I/O-aware algorithms an/dor cache

The positions are for one or two years. Base salaries are $50,000.

The Algorithms and Complexity group at the School of Computer Science has sixteen faculty members, approximately fifty graduate students and several postdoctoral fellows.

Applicants should send e-mail with their CV and statement of research interests attached to Alex Lopez-Ortiz (

Alejandro (Alex) Lopez-Ortiz
Associate Professor                  Cheriton School of Computer Science
University of Waterloo                         Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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