Seminar za računarstvo i primenjenu matematiku, 20. septembar 2019.

Naredni sastanak Seminara biće održan u petak, 20. septembra 2019. u sali 301f Matematičkog instituta SANU sa početkom u 14:15. U pitanju je zajednički sastanak sa Odeljenjem za matematiku.

Predavač: Anton Kos, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana


Apstrakt: Science and technology are ever more frequently used in sports for achieving the competitive advantage. Motion tracking systems, in connection to the biomechanical feedback, help in accelerating motor learning. The definition of biomechanical biofeedback systems is given along with their intended use.

Biofeedback system architecture, elements, operation, requirements, and versions are presented in detail. Biofeedback system categorization is given: (a) on the basis of architecture, physical extent, and intended functionality, and (b) on constraints expressed in space, communication, processing, and timing requirements. Proposed biofeedback system versions are discussed in the context of the presented constraints and categorization. The most important challenges for the implementation of real-time biofeedback systems in sport are presented and discussed.

Kratka biografija predavača:
Anton Kos received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 2006. He is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. He is a member of the Laboratory of Information Technologies at the Department of Communication and Information Technologies. He is the leader of industrial research and development projects in designing of sensor based smart sport equipment and sensor based forestry machinery. His teaching and research work includes communication networks and protocols, quality of service, dataflow computing and applications, use of inertial sensors in biofeedback systems and applications, signal processing, and information systems. He is the (co)author of more than thirty papers appeared in the international engineering journals and of more than fifty papers at international conferences. He is a Senior member of IEEE, Union of Electrical Engineering of Slovenia, and SICOM. Since 2018 he is the Slovenian section ComSOC chapter chair.

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