The Master's degree programme «Cryptography», starts in Sept 2018.

Master in Cryptography from Novosibirsk State University is an innovative programme designed to involve young researchers in the field of modern cryptography and bring them onto a high professional level in this area. The programme covers all basic aspects of cryptography and cryptanalysis and provides deep theoretical and practical background in this field.

Professionals in cryptography are invited to deliver lectures: Bart Preneel (Belgium), Lars Knudsen (Denmark), Lilya Budaghyan (Norway), Gregor Leander (Germany), Stjepan Picek (Netherlands), Sugata Gangopadhyay (India), Nicky Mouha (USA) and other specialists.

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For all questions, please, do not hesitate to contact Novosibirsk State University that is located in the world-famous scientific center in the heart of Siberia – Akademgorodok.

Cryptography NSUCRYPTO!

* The programme starts in September 2018.
* Duration of study is two academic years.
* Language of instruction is English.
* Tuition fees: U.S. $3800 per year.


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